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Commercial And Retail Manual Doors

Access Door Services also specialise in the repair and install of manual doors. There are many types of manual doors be it fire doors, spring closers to name a few we can supply fit and repair them all. The many fixtures and fittings on different types of doors are vast and to the untrained eye not easy to diagnose or repair in the event of failure. With Access Door Services vast experience in this field we know what is needed, where to source it and carry out repairs with a fast and efficient service.

  • Transom Closers
  • Overhead Door Closers
  • Point Magnets
  • Floor Springs
  • Glass Fittings
  • Panic Hardware
  • Bolts, Locks & Cylinders
  • Digital Locks, Mag Locks, Electric Strikes
  • Door Seals, Hinges
  • Pull Handles & Lever Furniture
  • Door Selectors & General Ironmongery
  • Automatic & Manual Windows